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References & Testimonials

We care for Your Landscape with Service that is Always in Season!

Over 85% of Our Work
Comes From Referrals and Additional Work from Our Customers

We believe that this may be the best testament to our work.

We’ll provide you with 25 customer references for recently completed landscape projects. We believe that our long list of satisfied customers is one of the key reasons why we were also voted Best Landscaping Company by the readers of Grand Rapids Magazine.

We will also provide you with 2 very important references that most companies don’t provide.

Since our first project in 1987, we’ve worked to create a stable and reputable company. And we’re proud to provide you with references not just from our customers, but from our bank and our suppliers.

Bank Letter: Attest to the financial stability and viability of the company.

Well-established landscape contractors should provide current letters of reference from their bank so you know that they are financially stable. Access to credit is important to purchase materials at competitive prices. Good credit is necessary to obtain new equipment that takes advantage of advances in efficiency.

Supplier Letters: Shows that the company pays their bills.

Supplier Letters: Shows that the company pays their bills.

Even solid and established landscape contractors can run into financial problems. Landscape contractors that are unable to provide letters of reference may not be able to obtain the material for your project on the date promised due to credit problems. This can often lead to unexplained delays and frustration for the homeowner.

Some may even try to renegotiate your agreement because they couldn’t buy material at competitive prices because of the same credit problems.

Customer References: Evidence of consistent success.

We provide homeowners with a list of at least 25 references. Contractors that only provide 3 or 4 references may not deliver consistent service. Every contractor can find some satisfied customers. Considering that most landscape contractors will do 15 projects or more each year, they should be able to easily provide at least 10 recent references. If they can’t then that should be a cause for concern.

Simple Questions You Can Ask to Check any Customer Reference

The following questions were provided by a company that has spent almost 10 years advising and educating homeowners and residential contractors on professional business practices.

These questions will teach you a lot about the contractor you are checking on.

They recommend having a list of 5 to 10 questions to ask each homeowner contractor you call.

On time performance, cleanliness, sticking to the proposal price and professionalism are all areas that most people want to “how the contractor did”.

It is also a smart idea to confirm the type and the scope of the project that the contractor completed.

If people are reluctant to provide specific answers or seem to be providing vague answers, that should make you want to call other references to make sure you get a true report.

If you are interested in a landscape project please consider these questions:

1. Did they start when they promised?
2. Did they leave your property orderly and clean at the end of each day?
3. Were there any additional or unexpected charges? If there were, ask for details.
4. How did they handle issues during your project?
5. How often did they give you an update on the progress of your project?
6. Were all of their crew members (including subcontractors) polite and respectful?
7. Would you - or have you - recommended them to someone else?
8. What was the main reason you picked them?

If you are interested in maintenance services please consider these questions:

1. Did they maintain your property consistently each visit?
2. Did they clean off your walkways and driveway of debris every visit?
3. Did they notify you of schedule changes?
4. Were there any additional or unexpected charges? If there were, ask for details.
5. Were all of their crew members polite and respectful?
6. Would you - or have you - recommended them to someone else?

If you want to increase your enjoyment and use of your outdoor living space with a new patio, new landscape plantings, new walkways, a water feature, retaining walls or landscape lighting we can help make your dream a reality.

We have extensive experience with drainage and water problems and can provide eco-friendly options like a rain garden. We strive to use plant varieties native to Michigan, and grown in the upper Midwest. Providing 4-season interest is one way that we beautify your property all year long.

We provide 4-season landscape maintenance and management services including: lawn mowing, spring and fall cleanups, insect and disease control, pruning, mulching, seasonal flower plantings and so much more. You can read about all of our services.

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