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Lots of companies make big claims that you can save this much or get this discount but the reality is...most programs are designed in such a way that you will never get the savings.

At Stout Creek Landscape, we want you and your neighbors to get our biggest discount and you will get the consistent, reliable service we are known for.

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly landscape maintenance services.
Step 2: Refer us to friends & neighbors on your street.
Step 3: For each home in your neighborhood that signs up for weekly landscape maintenance services, you will all get a discount up to our maximum discount of 20% OFF of our weekly mowing prices. 1 neighbor = 10% discount, 2 neighbors = 15% discount, 3 neighbors = 20% discount.
Step 4: Have a block party or go out to a really nice restaurant with the annual savings.

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Top Reasons Homeowners
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Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance:

What services are included with each weekly mowing?
Mowing, Edging, String Trimming and Driveway/Walkway Cleanup

Can I get an estimate over the phone or via email?
Unfortunately we can’t do that. There are simply too many things that can go wrong with a quote like that. We will visit your property and provide a fixed price for services you can count on.
Some of our competitors will provide a “guesstimated” price based on the size of your property. We don’t expect homeowners to know the size of their property so we will visit your property to properly provide a quote you can rely on.

Do you provide any special discounts or incentives?
Yes! Our Grand Rapids Great Neighbors Referral Program is unique and can provide you AND your neighbors with savings of up to 20%.
We also provide a 2% pre-payment discount.

What other lawn care services can you recommend?
We provide 4-season landscape maintenance and management services including: lawn mowing, spring and fall cleanups, lawn fertilization/weed control, pruning, bark mulching, seasonal flower plantings, perennial flower care, planting bed weed control, lawn aeration, and so much more.

How many weekly mowings of my grass do you provide each year?

When does the lawn mowing season begin?
We begin in April as soon as the weather breaks and continue through the first couple weeks of November.

What areas do you service?
Greater Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Rockford, East Grand Rapids, Belmont, Forest Hills, Cannonsburg, Comstock Park, Sparta, Kentwood, Walker

How can I reach someone after hours if I have an issue?
You can reach Doug or one of his supervisors on their mobile phone on normal service days up until 7 PM.

If I have an issue, how quickly can I expect it to be handled?
We admit we aren’t perfect but we pledge to make it right. If you ever have an issue, complaint or you need to report damage – simply call us during our normal business hours or email us after hours. We pledge to address it within 24 hours of receipt.

What if we need to reschedule or cancel a mowing?
You may reschedule or cancel a weekly mowing service as long as you call at least 24 hours in advance. We do not honor same day cancellations.

Do you mow my lawn on the same day every week?
We schedule your service for the same day each week however, weather conditions may prevent us from servicing your home on the day scheduled. In most cases your property will be serviced on the next day that weather is not a factor.

Do you return the grass clippings into the lawn or catch and dispose of them?
Our lawn mowers return the grass clippings into the lawn. Grass clippings begin to break down quickly after mowing, releasing the water and nutrients contained in the tissue. The nutrients (particularly nitrogen) can be returned to the soil and used by the lawn. Recycling nutrients will reduce the total amount of nitrogen fertilizer needed by the turf each growing season.

How do I know if I am watering my lawn correctly?
We can help you set up your irrigation clock, and we will let you know if your lawn needs more or less water as the season progresses.

We provide 4-season landscape maintenance and management services including: lawn mowing, spring and fall cleanups, lawn fertilization/weed control, pruning, mulching, seasonal flower plantings and so much more. You can read about all of our services by clicking here.

We look forward to maintaining your property and making your neighborhood the best maintained in your town.

Many Landscape Companies FAIL in their FIRST 5 Years…
Stout Creek Landscapes has been in Business Continuously
In Grand Rapids since 1987 Serving:

Greater Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Rockford, Belmont,
East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, North Muskegon, Sparta,
Cannonsburg, Grand Haven, Holland, Comstock Park,
Kentwood, Walker and Surrounding Communities.