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It All Begins With the Proper Design and Plan

Our Design Process

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What’s The Key To a

GREAT LOOKING Landscape Project...?

Our 3 step process virtually ensures your landscape project will be within your budget, free of surprises and looking great for years to come.

Step 1 - Project Evaluation

  1. During your initial phone call with us, we will ask you a preliminary set of questions to determine the basic type and scope of your proposed project. Questions will cover areas like: what type of project you are considering, how soon you would like your project completed and what research you have conducted so far.
  2. We will provide you with an overview of our design process and our normal fee structure. Design fees are based on the size and scope of the project. One-half of the design fee will be applied toward any installation work performed. Some smaller projects may not require a fee and we will let you know that based on our discussion.

Step 2 - Site Survey & Analysis

  1. At our initial meeting we will review your property survey (if available) and then walk the property to gain a full understanding of your ideas and goals. The more that we know about your planned use of the space and personal preferences – the better job we can do of matching our design to your needs. At this point, we enter into a Design Agreement.
  2. Photographs will be taken of your existing landscape and a thorough site analysis will be prepared. The site analysis includes placement and potential movement of existing plant material and hardscape features to maximize any prior investment you have made in your landscape.
  3. Additional areas that will be considered in the site analysis are: the architectural design of the house and any other buildings on the property, noise and privacy issues, utility and easement lines, elevation, soil characteristics and condition, drainage, damage to existing plant material from deer, insects or other conditions we observe.
  4. All of the existing elements are then noted on the survey or base map. All preliminary information is then reviewed and potential designs are explored. The client’s ideas and the designer’s experience are combined to create the conceptual design. We will then schedule your next appointment.

Step 3- Creating The Plan: Concept – Planting Plan – Installation Plan - Blue Print

  1. Based on the size or complexity of the project one or more conceptual designs will be prepared and will include all desired features: the size and shape of proposed hardscape features like walkways and walls, planting areas, water features, slopes etc.
  2. Once the conceptual design is refined and approved, a Final Landscape Design will be designed including a Planting Plan. All plants are specifically identified by botanical and common name and included based on suitability to design, resistance to predators, hardiness, client’s taste and local availability.
  3. A blueprint or black line is then prepared for presentation. Perspectives and Color Renderings can be offered at an additional cost TBD and included in the Design Proposal if requested.
  4. The design is presented to the client with appropriate photographs of plant material and other elements. A proposal for the work is also provided at this time. The design is reviewed in detail and any changes or substitutions are noted and incorporated into the Final Design.
  5. The Final Landscape Design is approved by the client, the agreement is signed and a start date is determined. The initial deposit is due at this time.


As a conscientious homeowner you want assurance that your new landscaping will look beautiful for a long time, require very little maintenance, stand up to weather and return its investment to you. It all begins with the proper design and plan.

Your life-long satisfaction with your project begins with working with a qualified landscape contractor. When your project is well designed and properly installed with the right materials it should provide lasting pleasure for years to come.

If you want to increase your enjoyment and use of your outdoor living space with a new patio, new landscape plantings, new walkways, a water feature, retaining walls or landscape lighting we can help make your dream a reality.

We have extensive experience with drainage and water problems and can provide eco-friendly options like a rain garden. We strive to use plant varieties native to Michigan, and grown in the upper Midwest. Providing 4-season interest is one way that we beautify your property all year long.

We provide 4-season landscape maintenance and management services including: lawn mowing, spring and fall cleanups, insect and disease control, pruning, mulching, seasonal flower plantings and so much more. You can read about all of our services.

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