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We realize that most homeowners don’t take on a significant landscape project very often and they also don’t change the company that maintains their property frequently. That is one of the reasons why we have provided so much information on our website.

Doug spends a considerable amount of time up front detailing all aspects of your project or your maintenance. He anticipates possible pitfalls based on designing over 600 landscape projects in the Grand Rapids area since he started his business in 1987.

If you have spent time exploring our website, then you already know that we recommend asking a lot of questions. Don’t forget to require every landscape company to put their answers in writing.

Here is one more question you have probably thought about.

“Doug, how much do you think this will be?”

Too many homeowners base their decision on price. As you explored our website you probably discovered that there are a lot more things to consider in choosing a landscaper.

If you accept the low bid, be prepared to accept lower quality or an increase in price.

If you want to increase your enjoyment and use of your outdoor living space with a new patio, new landscape plantings, new walkways, water feature, retaining walls or landscape lighting or simply 4-season maintenance we can help.

We have extensive experience with drainage and water problems and can provide eco-friendly options like a rain garden. We strive to use plant varieties native to Michigan, and grown in the upper Midwest. Providing 4-season interest is one way that we beautify your property all year long.

We provide 4-season landscape maintenance and management services including: lawn mowing, spring and fall cleanups, insect and disease control, pruning, mulching, seasonal flower plantings and so much more. You can read about all of our services by clicking here.

If you are ready to update your landscaping with a new look or you want it maintained more consistently all we ask is the opportunity to demonstrate why so many people recommend us.

Thank you in advance for contacting us.